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A finished schedule and a few updates.

September 4, 2016

So an update on my creative life once again!

The first timetable for this second six month run has been completed (as you can see). It was a good indication of how my job life affects my creative life and as it stands at the moment it’s sort of balanced. I can get at least two things done after work, and it whilst it may not be as much as I could complete when I was unemployed, it’s still something.

My fanfic project is going well, albeit not quite as speedily productive as my noir novel, but it’s getting there. One of my friends has lent some books out to me on the subject to help with the lore and the general universe. Being a bit of a geek on the subject means I’m really fascinated by this particular universe and the history behind how things came to be. Anyway I’ll keep you all updated on the project’s progress as normal.

On Valley of Humanity, I’m going to be using Saturday as a blog story only day and rough out as much of the next few parts as I can. I have general notes on what’s going to happen, I just need time to get the bare bones of the events down before I end up letting it get slide away again.

Still on the subject of writing, one of the interesting things about being an aspiring writer/artist (are they the same thing…?) when you are friends with other aspiring writers & artists, is the “reviewing” of each other’s work-in-progresses. Recently I’ve been reading three of my friends various projects and I’m quite impressed with what they can do, and I kind of feel slightly intimidated in some ways if I’m perfectly honest; it doesn’t mean I’ll give in and sit back and just stop being creative though. One of these friends pointed out to me that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others and I should just get on with my own thing, this applying to my personal life stuff too. It was great advice and I should heed it more often.
But anyway, reading/studying others work is good for them too as I can (just like they would for me) point out flaws or bits that could be improved. It’s all for the purpose of bettering ourselves in the end!

Lastly, I have some digital fan art on the way for Farscape in the form of a Naberi called Chiana. It started as a speed painting but I began to realise I wasn’t going to get it done within about two hours and thus it ended up on the back burner and only recently I’ve started working on it again. I shall post it maybe on the coming Friday!


Kcorym 🙂

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