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Legs & TV.

August 9, 2016

So hope you guys enjoyed Valley of Humanity Part 18. It was predominantly an action orientated part, and that theme will run into Part 19 as well. It was a little challenging to write a couple of one on one fights, trying to capture all the movements and feeling that would go into close quarters combat. I need to pick up the pace with these a little, otherwise I’ll spend way too much time trying to write one part and never get anything else done.

With writing in mind, my fanfic project is coming along slowly. I need to figure out a timeline using the important dates and events within the lore. The characters haven’t been fully listed with biographies yet either so that’ll be a long task ahead of me. Some will be characters of my own invention and will serve as a way of looking at the important players at key areas of their lives. One of my main inspirations is the TV show Boardwalk Empire. That show is set in the 1920’s and follows the various gangsters living at that time during the Prohibition. In the series some of the characters are fictitious and are used as a perspective view on the real life figures in history, a couple of which end up taking part in key moments in history.
I guess that’s what I want to do in mine. Which ones will survive though, will be an interesting choice to make…

I’ve done two sets of figure drawings over the last few weeks (gah!). Yeah…I need more practice. I’ve let things slide too often and far lately and now I’m having a little trouble drawing the human form with the correct anatomy. The main difficulty I have at the moment is drawing legs and making sure the height of the figure is correct. The legs seem to end up looking like a rag dolls legs: loosely attached to a solid upper body and left to flop in the wind. And so, I’m going to focus on the legs aspect of human figures and how they connect to the rest of the body.

Finally, I’m now on the final stretch of American Gods! Finally things are building up and coming to a close. It’s a good book, with good characters. I just want to move on soon. I’ll be glad that I read it, and when the TV show comes out I can poke holes or praise it, knowing I’ve actually read the book; unlike when the Game Of Thrones TV show came out. I enjoy that series, but I’ve never (nor do I plan to) read the books. I’m sure they’re great though!

So here we go, some of the figures I drew recently:


Kcorym 🙂

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