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Schedules & Improvements!

July 17, 2016

Monday is when it all begins again! I still need to work on Valley of Humanity as there is a lot more to do on that ongoing project. Each part is going to be about four written pages long, which should translate to about 1½ to 2 pages long when typed. I’ve already planned out some of what’s going to happen, and discovered that a few of the parts may make up a sort of contained story. I look forward to writing it. I know this blog story is supposed to be improvisational writing, but some things need to be planned so that I have rough direction to follow; I mean, I want it to end some day!

So like I said the new schedule begins tomorrow…or more accurately Tuesday since I have Krav Maga in the evening after work tomorrow and I always end up wanting to relax and game or watch DVDs or something. It’s going to be a bigger challenge this time around since I’m employed now and have a lot less time to do things in. This first week will be a beta test to see what can be done in the time allotted to me, and what things are pushing it a little too far, and then I’ll adjust the schedule for the week after that.

And, to round off this week’s blog entry (another short one, not much to say or show this week) here is a comparison of a Star Wars painting I did a year ago, to one I finished a few months ago. The first one was going to be a Sith and, erm… at one point I thought it looked ok…but clearly it’s awful. It really is incredible what six months of anatomy and figure practice can do, it really is:


Kcorym 🙂

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