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I’m back!

July 10, 2016

Konnichiwa! Well that was a nice break from things. I know I’ve been away for a long time but I needed to get away and recharge my brain, but it’s time to dive back into the deep end and start up the Art and Writing engine once more! (It’s like Bond’s Lotus…but mine’s a dark blue colour :)).

So I start the next Six Month Projects Run from the 18th July and my two main focuses are:

  • Art: Human Anatomy (both male and female figures).
  • Writing: The script of the first episode of a fan fiction TV series I’ve wanted to write for ages…

There will of course be Sunday painting projects alongside the above. I’m starting a new Star Wars painting this week and if I don’t complete it by next Sunday then it’ll become part of the Sunday projects. I hope it turns out good; I’ve wanted to do a painting like it – still not telling – for a long time now.

I’m two thirds of the way through American Gods and I’ve made it my mission to spend my lunchbreaks finally finishing it. I’m enjoying it, but I’ve fallen behind these last few weeks. I now have hour long lunchbreaks instead of 30 minutes which is great, especially for reading. It’ll maybe take a few weeks to complete still.

The Valley of Humanity will be back, with bigger parts. This week will be a busy one as I have a painting to finish and alongside that I have to write, maybe, ten parts of VoH to cover the six months? I want to be able to post one every 2 – 3 weeks rather than once a month and I want each one to be longer.

*Tiny spoiler Ahead*

It’s gonna be fun now the main characters are out in the wilderness and forced to survive on they’re own. I can start to develop the landscape of the world; maybe even start some illustrations for each part? We’ll see what time I have…

*Tiny Spoiler Over*

Finally, here is the first new timetable for the project run. I’ve only filled out the first week, just to see how things go and I can adjust accordingly depending on how well I do.


Kcorym 🙂

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