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The end approaches…

June 11, 2016

Final week from Monday onwards!

Quick update this week: The final push in my six month run starts on Monday which has caused my heart and my typing fingers into overdrive. I have 16,938 words left to go and just over a week to do them in. Today and tomorrow will be intensive writing sessions to get a large chunk of it done, much like I did last week where I got just over 2,000 words done on the Saturday. The final weekend that follows looks to host the same tasks. The pressure mounts…

Art wise I’m starting a new piece which needs to be completed by a week before the end of this month. It’s another character painting, but again, I’m not going to give anything away! I’ll also be doing some idea sketches for that other piece I vaguely talked about last week and the week before that; in other words I’m going to be very busy…

Anyway, I know this was a pretty short blog entry but time is of the essence and I must crack on with it all! And don’t forget that next Thursday I’ll be posting The Valley of Humanity Part 17…things are about to get a lot more dangerous for Kele and Co…

Kcorym 🙂

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