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Art, Languages & Grey Jedi.

May 26, 2016


So it’s the middle of the week just like I promised! And to top it off I finally finished the painting I’ve spent the last few weeks…ok months (maybe) working on – on and off. There were one or two things I wanted the painting to have but due to time restraints (and my own patience) I navigated a quicker route to get it done. I wanted her to be wearing a long-sleeved leather top with a light trench coat but my understanding of folds and creases are still extremely limited and I didn’t want to risk ruining a painting I was already quite proud of. The lightsaber on the other hand came out better than I hoped, thanks to a YouTube tutorial (I’ll post the link at the bottom) which I was able to translate from Photoshop to PaintShop Pro and Painter. The lightsaber is yellow because for some reason the edgier ‘Grey Jedi’ lifestyle appeals to me the most and I like the rarity of that colour; green is still cool though. I hope you guys like it! On the subject of Star Wars fan artwork, my next big painting project will be something involving spaceships, so watch this space… (No pun intended).

In writing news, Chapter 6 of my noir novel is complete. The word count is nearly at the 30,000 mark; I better get a move on to get those remaining 20,000 done! I’ve also been thinking about what writing project I should work on next month when the timetable is finished. It’s between my post-apocalyptic novel and a couple of script ideas I have tucked away. We’ll see what happens next month 🙂

Finally, my learning Japanese is going well, I’ve been doing the exercises in an actual Japanese notebook my brother got me a few Christmases ago and using it correctly (right to left). I’ve found that my written Japanese (in romaji, I’ve not even started actual Japanese characters yet) is actually ok. I understand more than I thought I would normally, this is helped by a dictionary with both Japanese to English and visa-versa. So much stuff to learn and only one lifetime to do it in!

Well, here it is, my Grey Jedi painting called: ‘The Luck of a Wayward Jedi’


Kcorym 🙂

Lightsaber Tutorial:

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