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Art, Games and OC’s.

April 30, 2016

Chapter 5 is complete and I’m at 23,450 words. Not too bad if I do say so myself! I’m beginning to explore the supporting characters more in my novel which is fun, particularly the partner of my main character who’s probably more heroic and honest than the lead guy himself. The love interest however is somewhat much less of your typical damsel in distress or even your smoky and moody femme fatale character; I gotta be honest there’s and aura of Annie Wilks in there, just a touch mind.

So I finally coloured the new drawing of my OC (Kane Crawford). Whilst I wasn’t entirely pleased with the face (I think I tend to draw eyes too big) I think for my first proper portrait coloured with colouring pencils, it went well. My favourite part is probably the jacket as the different layers actually show some depth. I’m quite partial to the hair too but I know I’ve still got a long journey ahead with this human drawing thing (bring on backgrounds and landscapes any day!).

Despite the fact I’ll probably never get to play the new game I still have an age old love for most things Star Fox. I’m mean, a group anthropomorphic animals flying space fighters against an evil army of primates and weird…alien…bug…robot…things; don’t ask how it works, it just does! So anyway I have one medal left to get on expert mode and its oddly pleasing how that feels especially when compared to the time when I was young and found it ridiculously hard to shoot down even the minimum number of enemies for a medal. Saving up the smart-bombs always pays off…so long as you don’t die towards the end of the mission; that can be very very annoying. And now I’ll talk about another game series I love: Resident Evil. I own most of the main games now on Gamecube (though obviously not 5 and 6, not that I have much issue with those games, they were fun on co-op). I’ve started playing Resident Evil Zero and will be playing each one in order with the goal of actually being able to say I have played and completed all the main games. It’ll be a long and gradual process but I figure since I have the games I may as well actually finish them all!

So here’s the finished coloured version of my OC in a side by side comparison with the line version. You can see what I mean by the head, it looks ok as an anime sort of face but that wasn’t really what I was going for, not that I’m complaining much since I got a compliment from a friend about it. I still have printouts of the line-work on watercolour paper in case in the near future I want to do a watercolour version, and a couple on normal papers for pastels and charcoal and stuff.


Hope it doesn’t look too bad!

Kcorym 🙂

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