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22,976 Words & some Anime.

April 23, 2016

Hi guys, sorry for the late post!

Slowly but surely, my novel is making progress. I’m now 22,976 words in and chapter 5 is almost done. I think I may not even be a quarter of the way through the story yet and already I’m nearly half way through what a NaNoWriMo novel would be. I’ve got to be honest, in this re-write of the novel I haven’t really been following a timeline or any sort of plan, it’s just been me writing what I think should happen next and so far it’s been freeing but I think I may need to start creating a rough course to follow as things may start getting more complicated as the plot progresses.

So I’ve started the line work for the final banner design and I’ll continue with it tomorrow, hopefully getting it finished in the process ready for colouring. I’ve also done a few more biro pen gesture drawings which I’ve put at the bottom of this post.

In the anime side of things (damn my friends for getting me into the stuff) I’m now watching a show called Durarara!! It’s good, quite different from what I usually watch. I like the intertwining stories of the characters. I’d imagine it’s like that because it’s directed by the same guy (Takahiro Omori) who did Baccano! and it will have a similar flavour of character variety and since I liked that show I’m already enjoying this. Now on to the second disk…

Well, this was a short blog entry as there wasn’t much to update you guys on, except the above. Anyway here are some of the biro pen drawings I did this week:


Kcorym 🙂

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