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April 16, 2016

So The Valley of Humanity Part 15 has been posted, hope you guys like it. Only two months to go now before I start making more!

Anyway, an interesting collection of thoughts have invaded my mind recently. I’ve become quite partial to the idea of studying Astrophysics… to the point of getting a PhD. I know that sounds kinda out there, but I’ve found that I have a lot more of an interest in science than I did when I was in school. I’m fascinated by the possibilities of what’s out there beyond earth. Watching the wonders series with Professor Brian Cox and numerous TED talks about finding life on other planets, and all the cool discoveries made in the past ten years has just ignited something in me that existed when I was young, but also when I couldn’t grasp a lot of the science that was taught to me. So it faded away, mostly. But now I’m thinking of pursing the correct qualifications to actually work in this field, I mean, it’s early days, but I’m very tempted…

Bravely default is coming to an end. I think I’m approaching the final boss. It’s been a really fun (and frustrating) game to play, especially seeing all the gorgeous art in 3D. The journey with the characters was great fun and they definitely grew on me. Looking forward to completing it and starting on the sequel!

On the art side of things, I took about an hour out of my time in a coffee shop to draw my OC Kane Crawford. I think it came out well and I’ll be using Sundays to do some editing and to decide what materials to use for the colouring process. The banner is now about to begin its final design. I’ve gone with colouring pencils as the colouring method of choice which on the test run seemed to be one of the more successful looks for the overall image. I expanded the size of the banner box on paper as to make the final drawing a little more detailed. I’ll be starting this Sunday.

Finally, here are some more gesture drawings. These ones were done with your typical biro pen:


Kcorym 🙂

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