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A few little updates.

March 18, 2016

Drawing from actual people and photos of people is very helpful. I mean, I know that I should be doing it anyway but I’ve realized how my accuracy increases when I’m drawing from an actual person rather than a character or a drawing help book. I’ll be drawing a lot of people from photos from now on, maybe even do some drawing outside (haven’t done that for a while). Anyway it’s all progress!

On the progress of the banner design for… well, above, I’ve narrowed them down (with help from friends) to three different versions of a similar design. I’ll start drawing a proper version on Sunday when the final idea has been chosen, then set aside time on the following Sundays to paint it; whether digitally or physically I’m not sure. Anyway below are the three different designs and I’d love it if you guys could suggest which one I use. These are very rough sketches but I hope they get the point across 🙂


Once again the urge to do other projects other than my novel and comic is getting more and more intense. I have so many ideas for stories and painting projects I could fill a whole notebook with them; which is where they will stay anyway until later in the year. I’m allowing myself Sundays to help friends with their projects and to work on improving my blog page.

Before I start the next Sandman (Vol 2) I’m going to finish reading the two Fatale graphic novels I’ve owned for nearly three years and never even finished half way through the first one. Fatale (by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips) is a sort of crime noir/horror story set in both the 1950’s and in the modern day. Since I love the noir genre I thought I’d take a leap and buy it but since then I was distracted by other things; however now I want to actually sit down and read them fully.

Kcorym 🙂

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