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The Valley of Humanity – Part 14

March 11, 2016

They prepared to set off; Kele was given a small rucksack, much like his own that now resided in the midst of the well-guarded palace hut. This one however was able to account for the quiver which was fastened to the side via a strip of leather, much like a belt. He carried the bow. As she was on her way for the morning hunt when the attacks began, Drala had her own supplies and so she spent the time making sure Drath and Kele were suitably equipped for the journey. Drath carried a bigger rucksack in which he’d packed the notebook he was working on not a long while before Drala and Kele had entered his shop. Amongst a few pieces of scientific equipment unfamiliar to Drala or Kele was the device, now no longer lit with symbols and pictures. Drala carried enough food and water for both her and Kele but Drath had to pack his own food and a large skin of water; they would however hunt for food during their travels when the supplies dwindled. They couldn’t wait until nightfall; the traitors would be searching the village for them.

They were heading back down to the village’s underbelly next to the river, a short but dangerous journey through the streets and narrow tunnels. It was still early in the morning and the village wouldn’t be bustling with life for at least another half an hour; they had to be careful of any early risers, all who had shops and various trades. A group of warriors moved across the exit of the alley they were moving down, Drala stopped and hugged the side, signalling Kele and Drath to do the same. Then when Drala was satisfied the way was clear she gestured them to follow and together they continued their slow journey towards the river docks. Kele had felt a little better especially now he was outside in the fresh air and not crawling or fighting his way through the dark and treacherous tunnels of the palace hut. He fought all reservations about leaving, about his Mother and Nelco still trapped in the palace, but he knew if he tried to stay with Drala when she would mount her rescue he would just slow her down. And of course, he couldn’t put himself in anymore danger being a member of the most important family in Lycian, but he could care less and would return fully armed if Drala wasn’t tasked with keeping him safe. Drala: the most fearless and fearsome of the Guardship’s warriors, his friend and one of his mentors since he was a cub. Nelco had taught him some things about surviving in the wild, hunting, fishing, and using a bow. Drala had taught him how to fight with a blade, how to punch, how to kick, how to defend himself. These lessons were still taking place of course; it would take many more years to master these skills. His mother disapproved with the more violent training, and said he would not need to know these things when he becomes Mayor, but the morning’s events had sadly proved her wrong.
The guard lay so still…

They quietly emerged from a narrow street into a secluded part of the cavernous docks, further up from where Drala and Kele had escaped earlier through the secret door – one of many Kele had recently discovered existed. Sounds of working echoed from that direction, boats of various sizes being loaded and unloaded on both sides of the river. Drala led the way further north, away from the busy southern side of the docks towards a few small tethered boats. There were only two dockworkers here. One sat on a crate smoking a pipe, the other was lifting a small barrel across a little ramp onto the furthest boat. Kele, Drath and Drala were crouched near the wall behind a few large crates. ‘Wait here,’ whispered Drala. She crept around the crates and out of sight; Kele moved to peak around the corner. Drala stealthily moved toward the smoking worker, come up behind him and gave him a swift club to the head with the hilt of her blade, then, staying low moved across the ramp and did the same to the worker who was placing the barrel somewhere at the aft of the boat. Drala dragged him back across the ramp and out of sight behind a group of barrels, then did the same with his companion; when the task was complete and with a quick hand movement, she gestured Kele and Drath to join her.

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