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Rough comic pages and anime collections.

March 4, 2016

So this week I’ve begun to sketch out rough pages of my comic in order to get a feel for the layout. So far page 1 is sketched out and I noticed that I required more panels than my script suggested. I thought I had worked out what happens and who says what in each page in the script but it seems some additional panels may be needed in other pages (maybe less in some cases). Oh well, it’s all part of the learning curve. I’ve only just started to appreciate the story telling format of the comic as I honestly disregarded it as ‘that’s that superhero stuff right?’ in the past. Thankfully I discovered The Sandman and all that has changed.

In a comic related subject here are some more gesture drawings. These ones are 60 second poses on posemaniancs and I’m actually quite proud of how they turned out. I think it was simply the flow and focus I let myself fall into whilst each figure presented itself. I really found myself LOOKING at the figure and trying to get the action down as quick as possible but also as accurate as possible (which I know is the point of gesture drawing, but it feels great when you feel like you’re improving and doing it right) within the time limited. Anyway I hope this shows that I’m improving and moving in the right direction:


My Anime collection is growing. This is a sentence I would never have thought I’d say/type ever… but they you go! Yep, I’ve become a fan of anime over the last few years and I now own six seasons of different anime shows. I understand that may not seem many to fans out there, but for me this is kinda weird (but good weird). I’m currently in the middle of Baccano! which I’m really enjoying. It has things I like: 1930’s gangsters, good animation, a nice art style and a big train. But on top of that there are a variety of different characters and it’s fun to see how each one fits into the story and how and why they‘re on the train. Anyway you get the idea!

Finally, Part 14 of my fantasy blog story: The Valley of Humanity, will be posted next Friday, probably in the morning after I’ve gone through and edited mistakes and things the night before. So look out for that!

Right, I’ve got more comic pages to sketch out…

Kcorym 🙂

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