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The Valley of Humanity – Part 13

February 11, 2016

‘Oh my…’ said Drath after listening long and carefully at Kele and Drala’s tale. They were in Drath’s study at the back of the shop. Drala had instructed him to lock his front door; there was still a chance they could have been followed. ‘I knew Feran was an ambitious creature, but to instigate a full blown rebellion against the Mayoress… but they were in love, surely? What of Kele’s Brother and Mother, are they still in the palace hut?’ Kele sat with his head in his hands, vaguely listening to the conversation in front of him; Drala stood with her arms crossed watching him. ‘I don’t know, but I was attacked by two palace hut guards when I was making my way out. The Mayoress had instructed me to find and get Kele to safety in the event of something… well like this. So here I am, Kele in tow but with no plan.’ She walked over to the study door and opened it a fraction to take a quick look outside, after a few moments she closed it again and returned to her original position. ‘I think every warrior loyal to the Mayoress is dead. We cannot go back.’ Kele broke his stare from the ground and looked up at Drala, his heart sank and he began to feel sick again. The thought of Nelco and his Mother still in that place of death, he wanted to cry. But something held it back, determination gripped him; what would Drala and Drath think of him if he showed weakness?
‘Kele said you’re the best person to see because you know about the lands beyond the village. I know some but not beyond the woods where the traitors won’t follow. The question is this: is there anywhere other than south that we can go that’s safe?’ Drath was stuck in place, switching glances between Drala and Kele. ‘You know that they’ll be after me if I help you both escape. But saying that, no one in the palace or the village appreciates what I’ve done for them, and not to mention Kele is an heir to the village leadership. Of course I will help you both; though I cannot guarantee his safety in the wilderness, the rebels probably won’t follow us, like you said Drala, but there are beings out there that will try to kill and eat us regardless of which side we’re on.’ Drala turned to Kele placing a hand on his shoulder, once again. ‘Kele, it seems to be our only option, we cannot go back to the palace hut. If we can get you to a safer place beyond the woods somewhere, then we can figure out how to retake control. You may not be able to return, for while at least. But I promise you this: that traitor will pay.’ Kele nodded slowly, he trusted her more than most. ‘It seems like the only way I’m going to stay alive.’ Once again he looked into her fearsome green eyes. ‘When I’m somewhere safe, you are returning to get Nelco and my mother?’ Drala’s face dropped, just a fraction. ‘Yes, I will,’ she said finally, ‘and I’ll be rallying as many supporters of your mother as possible. Like I said, the village will not stand for this treachery.’ Drala patted his shoulder before stepping away. ‘So, it’s agreed, you’ll help us escape?’ She spoke to Drath now, though her voice gave away a slight tone of distrust towards the inventor. ‘Yes, I’ll be coming with you; I found something that might interest Kele.’ Kele looked quizzical at Drath. ‘We’ll head north, towards the Scorched Plains. It’s about time I’ve got up and ventured somewhere instead of sending others. I’ll need an assistant. It’ll be a good knowledge for when he becomes a leader, which he will be.’ He looked at Kele and smiled. ‘We’ll have to leave in uttermost secrecy, and I have an idea.’

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