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Happy New Year :)

January 9, 2016

Happy New Year everyone! (Hope you all had a good Christmas too)

Well I’m back and the comic is off to a start. I have six parts of The Valley of Humanity typed up and ready to be quickly checked and posted in the middle of each month for the next six months (expect Part 12 next Friday). I have to admit it wasn’t until the 4th January that I started the six month plan, but now it’s in motion I can definitely already feel the weight being lifted and my goals being focused. All that needs to be done before I begin the long journey of drawing issue 1 of the comic is the script. The 22 pages are plotted and the story worked out so next comes the dialogue, which to be honest I have reservations about – although I’m generally happy with my rough draft of issue 1 – and may need some advice on. It’s certainly not one of my strongpoints and much like my art I’m more of a landscape and scene setter than a people developer. But I guess it’s something I’m going to have to practice on, right?

Along side my comic I’m also doing 300 words per day for my noir novel with the intention of reaching 50,000 words by the middle of June. I started today having spent the least few days mapping out a new direction using some of my old ideas and notes. Over 300 words already done and 49,600 something to go…gonna be a long and arduous six months but by the end it should be worth it!

But my life won’t just be filled with work, I have Bravely Default on 3DS (having sold Pokémon Alpha Sapphire after completion) to play and complete before Bravely Second is released at the end of next month, and Shadowrun: Dragonfall to fulfil my sci-fi noir needs (which is also useful inspiration for my video game idea that I cannot work on until mid-June). I’m also half way through reading The City & The City by China Mieville, which I’m really enjoying. The concept is fantastic and unique and mixes Mieville’s trademark “New Weird” genre with crime fiction from a 1st person perspective. After that book I have American Gods by Neil Gaiman – it’ll be the first novel I’ve read from him – which I’m looking forward to…until the third book from John Gwynne’s  The Faithful and the Fallen series arrives on paperback: Ruin. I can’t wait for the next part in the story!

Kcorym 🙂

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