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December 16, 2015


Well it’s been a while since posting an actual blog update. I posted Part 10 of VoH last week but at the time I did not have anything to add in regards to creative updates. I hope it’s a good part, I really enjoyed adding a darker twist to the whole situation and I think it’ll help the main character grow a little. If reading John Gwynne’s The Faithfull and the Fallen series has taught me anything about fantasy stories is that despite having very little swearing and only suggested sexual content, it can still be dark, bloody and brutal. It’s an interesting journey and I look forward to continuing the course; Part 11 is on its way!

I’ve done a few things over the last week, mostly revaluating my various projects. I’ve finally decided that my noir novel will be quite drastically different from what I originally planned. I read various articles on the difference between Noir and Detective Fiction; the former being not about the protagonists needing to triumph over evil, but to triumph in a way that benefits them and quite possibly fail and fall as fate or justice would seem fit. The latter is more about the good guy’s triumph over the serial killer/thief etc… That’s not to say the Detective Fiction can’t have a noir style, it’s just noir seems to have a genre of its own (according to the articles). My novel will be darker, the main character likable but bad, everything in the grey (even though its noir).

My comic’s first issue needs some editing after a discussion with a friend about how to give it more punch and meaning for the long term, so I thank her for that because now I’ll be more confident at writing it and getting to the rough drawing stage… and speaking of drawing, I’m gradually working through the anatomy magazine (which I’ve mentioned before) and below are some recent attempts of the techniques I’ve been working through:


The third one across wasn’t from the magazine or from any reference. I was trying to get the proportions and the general height of the figure correct from just my mind. My friend pointed out that the right part of the torso needs to be brought in a bit but overall I’m doing better.The human body is a complicated mess to draw, but I’ll get there!

Kcorym 🙂

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