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Progress. Yay!

December 1, 2015

So finally the ninth part of Valley of Humanity has been posted!

The 10th and 11th parts have been written out and I’m in the process of typing and editing them, so expect them very very shortly. I suddenly had a writing spree in Café Nero and just sat and finished off Part 10, then found myself wanting to keep the energy of the scenes going which led to the rough completion of Part 11. It felt good to get back to writing this story again, even if I did have to spent some time going through the previous parts to edit grammatical/sentence structure issues along with general continuity problems that were restricting the later parts. But hay ho!

Just a short update this week. I have a digital portrait on the way (a fan art piece involving a decade old sci-fi TV series…) which should prove interesting. I intend to keep drawing in my sketchbook, particularly human figures, as I need to get proficient in them;  I’ve been saying that a lot lately but its true. I’ve also been contemplating changing the tone of my noir novel to something a little darker, ultimately changing the main protagonist’s attitude and overall mission. Should be fun!

Kcorym 🙂

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