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Anatomy and a (supposedly) neat idea.

November 13, 2015

For the last week I’ve been practicing various aspects of anatomy to mixed results. I’ve found that without heavy use of reference these days I struggle to draw a decent figure, not since the days of university anyway (though even then I struggled and I tended toward a scribbly ‘stylised’ approach that my lecturer actually liked and I admit I kind of liked it too… and would have continued if life drawing classes continued into the third year). I can always go out with a sketchbook and a couple of pens and do some of those scribbly type of life drawings in a café I suppose, so it’s really up to me. But to demonstrate my progress, here are some photos of the drawings I’ve been doing. I’m currently using a book called ‘Anatomy for Artists’ by Barrington Barber which has been very useful as a proportional reference guide and the drawings below are my own attempts at the examples in his book:

Anatomy Practice 1

As you can see I have work to do, but by learning these individual pieces I can start to understand what things look like whilst in a dynamic angle. I can’t wait until I get to grips with decent character drawings!

On a gaming subject I’ve had another idea for a videogame (VoH is still on the cards for this medium) but I don’t really want to give away anything because knowing my luck it’ll be made by someone else by the time I make any progress with it… but all I’ll say is I now want to make a top-down/isometric RPG and I think I can do it on my own provided I find the right software. I’m trying out Unity and Blender but I’m wondering if I can get a game engine creating software that focuses on top-down/isometric RPG’s and doesn’t need a ton of computer power requirements. If anyone has any suggestions then lease comment, I’d really appreciate it! I’m quite confident with this idea and want to get stuck into it.

Kcorym 🙂

  1. Great work on the anatomy! I love that artist create video games! All the best on your endeavors.

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