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One thing down… plenty to go.

November 5, 2015

Finally I have completed the river painting I’ve been working on for a ridiculous amount of time now. I’m rather pleased with it, although it’s only the first painting in a line of future ‘practice painting water’ paintings. It originally started as a section of a lake, then a river going through a forest, and then I finally decided to make it the top of a waterfall overlooking some mountains. The image was originally set in the daytime too, but that changed near its completion when I repainted the mountains and changed details in the water that didn’t really work with a bright sun, and so I covered the sky with a much darker and stormier colour and changed the sun into a moon. I think it looks better this way and it gave me a chance to add more defined lighting and shadows. It’s been interesting too to limit the type of brushes used in a painting. For instance in this one I stuck primarily to the acrylic brushes, only using blenders and an airbrush to clean things up. I want to try to make at least one painting per medium type, just for the shear hell of it really. But it may also serve as a way to experiment with each brush and find interesting ways to use them

Here is the final version of the painting:

River to Waterfall - Night time

With the writing side of things I’m still working on my various projects: Noir novel, Part 9 of VoH, and my comic which admittedly I’ve neglected (the second issue still needs completing). But with time and effort these things can be improved and completed, and that accomplishment might make it all worthwhile.

So much to do…

Kcorym 🙂

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