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Painting Water and other tasks

October 29, 2015

Just over a week later and this painting is still in production. I’m rather proud of the water and although it’s not perfect this is my first proper try at painting it from scratch. I spent some time looking at rivers from photos and real life. I also looked some tutorials on YouTube. I’ve gradually become to understand that painting water is just looking at the light and shadows and how the distortion affects the river bed underneath. There is of course the foam which forms in streams and rivers which shows what direction the water is flowing, but overall learning how light and shadows effect water seems to be the key to painting it and I will push to include some type of water feature in my future paintings, if only so I can practice painting it. I’ve also modified the bottom of the trees and, because I had the original grass and the trees on the same layer, I had to repaint the grass as the brush strokes over where I had edited the trees was patchy and stood out from the rest of the ground; I decided it would be better to just redo the grass. Here’s the painting as it is now:

I’m now writing my noir novel from the laptop which is nice, although I will always say: nothing beats the free feeling of pen and paper where mistakes are of little importance. It’s interesting getting back into the world and attempting to bring the environment and characters to life in a way that doesn’t seem too forced or cliché. It’s difficult but rewarding at the same time. I may be including some updates on my novel writing in future posts as to keep up the momentum of it being written.

On the subject of my blog story ‘Valley of Humanity’, a part of me has been thinking of developing it into some kind of RPG open world adventure game (a very low budget one mind you). I’m not sure why I’ve been thinking about this so much. I think it could work. Maybe Jak & Daxter meets Skyrim? I could be out of my mind and being unrealistic but I like this world and idea behind it but the proper format for the storytelling still eludes me. I’ll be working on that too.

Lots to do!

Kcorym 🙂

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