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Lots of reading and weekly posting.

October 14, 2015

Keeping a blog is hard; it requires time and effort to maintain. I suck at this, let’s be honest! But now I’m thinking to post one each week rather than each month (and three quarters). If I work hard throughout the week and show some of my efforts at the end of it, it might help to keep me motivated and subsequently I can gain a decent artistic presence in the world.

I’ve recently just read the first book of John Gwynne’s ‘The Faithful and the Fallen’ series entitled ‘Malice’. This book gave me a fresh take on the fantasy genre and has encouraged me to read the series. If you like fantasy in the medieval/old school setting I’d definitely recommend it. I’m also in the process of listening to an audiobook of ‘Fade to Black’ by Francis Knight. This story is set in a fictional city built upwards, where the rich people and the government live on the higher levels and the lesser inhabitants live in the lower regions. The main character, Rojan Dizon, is a pain-mage and a private detective who tracks down missing persons. It’s a very interesting world and Rojan is a very entertaining protagonist. Slightly sleazy, but he has a heart. I look forward to the rest of the story.

So I will be posting this time next week. For now, I have lot of work to do!

Kcorym 🙂

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