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Painter 2016 & Drawing Humans

August 28, 2015

So I’ve just upgraded to Corel Painter 2016, and in some respects I can already tell it’s more stable and faster than 2015. I found an issue with the latter concerning crashes upon opening the program. I found this possibly something to do with creating your own brush categories and customisation and after a while the program would start crashing upon start-up. This became kind of annoying and it forced me to have to use the pre-set brushes and only minutely change them to the settings I want; I had to repeat this every time I opened Painter. Hopefully though Painter 2016 is a bit better. Of course, I didn’t just upgrade because of that problem: I love that there’s now a rotation option for the paper textures, this will allow for more interesting and deeper textures when using brushes such as pastels, chalk and charcoal etc… There is also an audio painting tool… check out Aaron Rutten’s video to find out about it:

He’ll explain it better than I will, but it’s an interesting new feature and I might put aside time to experiment with it at a later date.
I’m working on a new piece at the moment in which I’m restricting myself to using the oil brushes and a 2B pencil brush. The point of the piece is to help me practice colours and lighting. I can’t wait to post it when its finished! I’m also trying to draw more in my sketchbooks, particularly human figures (these are the bane of my existence, but I will master them all!).

Kcorym 🙂

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