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August 8, 2015

I’m back! Sorry for not posting anything of my own for a loooong while but I’ve had a very busy month. Firstly I recently went on holiday to Spain with some friends; it was a much needed break from normal life. Ten days of drinking cocktails, swimming in the sea, swimming in the swimming pool, reading, eating, and of course, drinking more cocktails. It was my first holiday without family so it was an interesting adventure; not to mention an opportunity to practice the Spanish language. So it was nice to go abroad again and catch some sun 🙂

I’m now unemployed once more, so I’ll be job hunting for… well until I get a job. I’ll probably go for another admin job but there is a part of me that wants to go back into retail; though my previous experience tells me I should avoid it. But anyway I guess I’ll figure out things as I go along. It does give me more time to be creative in the meantime which I’m very much looking forward too!

I’ve also moved to a new place, it’s smaller, but with cheaper rent. It’s also closer to the town centre. I’ve spent the last few weeks – since returning from Spain – getting rid of a lot of my books and clothes that I didn’t need. It was really liberating to be able to just let so much unneeded stuff go, and not thrown away either, as I gave it all to charity. I only kept what I considered to be essential to help me with my art and writing (and of course things that were given to me as gifts).

With the creative stuff, I managed to get a few rough life drawings done whilst on holiday. These were just of my friends sitting around, but I was pleased that I had retained some of the skills I acquired whilst at uni. I finally used my Pentel Brush pen for something! Anyway, I’ve posted one of the drawings along with this blog entry. It’s just my friend sat in a chair on his laptop, but it was the one I was most pleased of regardless of how simple it is.

The drawing:

My friend Louis on his laptop in Spain

My friend Louis on his laptop in Spain

On the reading side, I finally finished Consider Phlebas by Ian M. Banks. I’ll share my thoughts on it in a different blog entry. I very much enjoyed it and could definitely see where the Culture series was influential to sci-fi and adventure in other media.

I’ve started working on VoH and my noir novel again. Whilst on holiday my friend, a fellow writer, told me about this character trait system in which you pick four traits from your favourite characters in TV/film, books etc., and shuffle them up, then pick four out and apply them to a character you yourself have created; least I think that’s the idea… anyway I’m going to apply this idea to the characters in VoH and the rest of my ongoing stories in order to get some depth to the characters. I think that, and writing dialog, is something I’ve been struggling with since I’ve started. Won’t stop me from writing descriptive stuff though, always loved describing a surrounding or situation in detail; setting moods is one of my favourite things about writing!

Back soon.

Kcorym 🙂

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