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One drawing book down!

July 20, 2014

Another ten or so to go! So I have finally finished Fantasy Art for Beginners by Jon Hodgson, albeit only line work. But nevertheless I am pleased with what’s come out, it has helped me see things as their components rather than a load of flat “they are what they are” images. One day I’ll scan the lot into Painter and have a damn good try at colouring them! But not yet, I still have a few paintings to complete and some more drawing books to work through; not to mention many stories to continue writing…

Well, I’m closed to finishing Part 6 of The Valley of Humanity, it’s taking its time because I’ve been doing the above, but I have been thinking about various plot ideas and what I want to do with the characters. The weekend coming seems a great deadline! On this subject, I have noticed some errors in the text on some of the earlier parts, I figure I can deal with these when I re-post them with some illustrations…

Kcorym 🙂

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