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Tempus Fugit!

June 21, 2014

So the last month has been here and there. I’m about three quarters through the first How to Draw book (I’ll be honest I’ve been on and off with it), of which I decided to try and block out some colour on one of the drawings by simply using coloured pencils. This is coming out ok-ish as the book is actually for digital paint, but I think the simple colouring practice will help with future character based artwork. After that maybe I can use Painter 12 (I will not upgrade for a few years, when I’m better at using it) and really start going pro with it. Who knows? I wish I could post the drawings here but due to publishing copyrights I can only describe what I do in relation to the art from these books.

Reading wise I have nearly finished The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (not sure I really needed to put who wrote this book!). I will write an entry once I’ve finished the book and watched the film (which I found in HMV for £5), as I would like to compare the two. The film is meant to be one of the greatest noir movies of all time and I’m looking forward to seeing the characters played out on screen. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book first then watched the film adaptation (bar The Hobbit, which I love both); it’s always been the other way around, generally because I’ve found out about the book via the film.

I’ve been writing a few things too: I’m still writing From the Reformed Part 6 which I’m now considering renaming to “The Valley of Humanity” which refers to some plot ideas I’ve had during the writing process. I’m also working on a story which is made of five shorter stories, each involving a different main character. It’s narrated in a sort of Raymond Chandler-esc style and set in a Sin City kind of world. Obviously it won’t be a full on gangster/cop kind of thing as most of the characters are ordinary people, but there may be some of those elements in one or two of the stories. I look forward to getting the first one done.

Kcorym 🙂

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