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Drawing from Art Books and Writing Freehand

May 5, 2014

So it has been a relatively productive week. Started to get my way through all those drawing books I mentioned in my last post; so far I have done a few from a book called ‘How to draw Medieval Fantasy’ by Jon Hodgson), including a Barbarian and Wizard (the latter turned out the best according to a friend… and myself 🙂 ). My old university lecturers would probably frown upon my use of these books, but I have ones for various different genres such as Steampunk, Manga, and Sci-fi, which is broadening my designing range. I’m also finding it easier to draw in details thanks to these books; they simplify things down so I can figure out where little bits and pieces should go and how the clothes fit the character. I have also recently bought two movie art books which show just the level you need to be to make it professionally. Firstly, I found the Art & Design book for the first Hobbit film (I wanted Desolation of Smaug, but alas I misread the front cover!) and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, which is a Watercolour collection of concept artwork for both the Manga and the film (I had no idea about the former). The artwork is really nice, some of it is so simple yet it speaks a thousand words. I’ve become jealous of both Miyazaki and John Howe, they’re incredibly talented,  I hope to be at least as half as good as them someday!

On the writing side I have begun work on Part 6 of ‘From the Reformed’ or as I like to call ‘hurry up and find a less pretentious title’, including some illustrations to accompany the previous parts. This is where the Nausicaä art book comes in because I wanted to create simple paintings, yet be able to stir the imagination. I find this this one of the easiest stories of mine to return to because its kind of freeform in that it’s fantasy and doesn’t rely heavily on everyday actions or a ridiculous amount of research. I have also found that, during the writing process in general, I prefer to be sat with a notebook and write things freehand, rather than be sat at a computer at the mercy of distractions. I found that writing things out without the option of cleaning up what I have written, I get more done; then later I can type it out with Word and do the editing, as its easier when all my ideas are on paper ready for me.

Anyway, things are moving forward. Thanks for reading!

Kcorym 🙂

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