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March 7, 2014

Well, I realised a few days ago that I haven’t done a blog entry in nearly two weeks (only one day out at least). I have to apologise 🙂

I have finally created a list to follow for my artwork and writing of the projects I have going and the ones that are waiting in line. Its quite long and not all of the art is technically for me, but despite that it will be very good practice for me and hopefully I can use it in a portfolio if my friends will let me.

With the writing side of things, it’s kind of a mess of different stories and because my mood changes quite often, the taste for different genres starts effecting my productivity a little. So I figured if I have a list of what stories I have going on I can make sure there is at least one to satisfy my craving at the time. It’s kind of naïve of me to think its that simple but I know, but if it works, I’m not going to be complaining! Oh and whilst we’re on the subject, the next chapter of “From the Reformed” is in production, I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t been inspired enough to work on it at the moment.

My gaming life is back to stay… don’t if that’s good or bad to be honest. I’m going to be starting on Half Life 2 Episode: 2 soon, the final game in the series (lets face it). I have just begun on Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS which finally gets back to the “Survival Horror” genre where it belongs, even though I enjoyed 5 & 6; though mostly for the co-op element.

Anyway, until the next entry!

Kcorym 🙂

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