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Stuck in Creative Mode

January 31, 2014

Ever had one of those nights where you can’t sleep because you’re gagging to get back into creativity? I’ve recently had it happen to me during this long process of painting a map for one of my friend’s comic’s world. I spent the last few hours before bed trying to figure out different techniques for things. I had loads of ideas shooting through my head for ages until I finally settled down and went to sleep. It was hard though, because as much as I wanted to get up and try them out, I couldn’t start making noise that would disturb the other members of the household. Well eventually it was morning and luckily I was still in the mood for trying things out, and I’m glad to say they paid off.


Quick random tests


Have you ever had that persistent urge to be creative, even though you’ve shut down everything and/or put everything away, and know that you have to go to sleep, no matter what?

Kcorym 🙂

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