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From the Reformed Part 4: Imminent

January 17, 2014

Hello good people!

Sorry for not posting an actual blog entry for so long. I’m currently unemployed and looking for a job, so most of my time has been spent on that issue. I haven’t, however, stopped drawing or writing (well at least with the drawing part anyway). I plan to finish Part 4 of ‘From the Reformed’ and post it by tomorrow night at the latest. I have been a bit slack on the writing side of things and plan to kick myself up the backside starting from tomorrow. So stay on the lookout 🙂

Onto the stuff that I have been doing. I have started to draw more, and not just background and environment stuff, actual character stuff! I have started to design my own persona: drawn. (I really don’t know what the proper term is, if somebody knows please tell me!). I’m using Manga and Anime books to shortcut my way through, then apply my uni life drawing skills and my own style to improve it. I’m going with a futuristic detective look, like in Blade Runner and Ergo Proxy.

To show you guys how its going, here’s a pic:


Yeah.. so I need a little more practice, but I’m happy with the direction I’m going.

Well anyway, I best be off now, gotta get Part 4 done. Thanks for reading!

Kcorym 🙂


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