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The Valley of Humanity – Part 2

November 3, 2013

They saw him there, watched him crouching in the centre of the crater. Of course, they knew nothing of the object he studied, nor had they any interest. What interested them was the delicious delicacy that had stupidly wandered from the safety of its homeland, and into their den. The increasing darkness and spreading shadows created a perfect canopy for an attack; they moved steadily on all four legs, their bodies only inches from the ground. Their feline teeth almost glowed in the dark; one of the cogier’s most distinctive features was the wide toothy grin when it approached an unsuspecting prey. The chilly air failed to breach the thick bristly backs of these fearsome creatures, it passed over them and dispersed through the ancient wreckage. They moved closer to their meal.

Kele tapped the bright screen, not knowing what the words said, but figuring out that each large colour changed the information on the screen. He had no clue about how it worked, or what it was used for. His mother, the Mayoress of the village, had told everyone, specifically Kele, to stay away from objects that were left by the ancient humans, but he never listened; and like many other things he had collected, this new addition was going back with him to show Drath. He held it tightly against his chest and stood up. The air was still, and the shadows began to surround him; the sun was finally setting. He heard a noise, a subtle patter, like a drop of rain on a plank of wood. He stood silent and looked cautiously around him. He suddenly felt very uneasy, and sensed an ominous feeling of watchful eyes studying his every move. The glowing pools of green liquid could only show him some of the shapes that stalked him, and from all around they grinned as they approached. ‘Cogier!’ he said under his breath, pivoting nervously, taking in the pale yellow eyes and smiling mouths. They emerged into the crater’s last remaining light, revealing their grey cat-like bodies to a very frightened Kele. It was a full circle attack, they were getting ready to pounce; their grins were horrifying. Kele looked over at the wall he’d scaled down and judged how long he would have to outrun them if he managed to pass the two cogier that blocked his way. I have to make it! They growled at him, salivating over the ground, preparing to jump and devourer him. Without any second thought, Kele sprinted towards the wall; the cogier launched their attack and landed where he had stood, they clashed in a mix of yelps and grunts, but quickly recovered and gave chase. The two cogier that obstructed his route tried jumping at him as he approached, they overshot their target and Kele was now facing assault from only one direction. He didn’t look back; he had to hastily navigate the crater’s rubble and glowing ponds of death, all the while hearing the hungry predators snapping at his heels. His heart pounded against his innards like a boulder hammering its way down a hill, destroying the delicate structure and ripping the whole thing down with it. The race took forever, and even when he managed to reach the wall and clamber up a few feet, some of the cogier where already scampering up towards him. They were apt climbers for ground based scavengers, barely stumbling as they made very accurate bites at Kele, who nearly fell when his hands were sliced open by the very grips he needed to climb with. One of the cogier launched itself and caught Kele’s left foot in its mouth, causing the poor Alysmon terrible pain; he was left dangling and fighting for dear life. The rest of the pack came closer and closer up the wall…

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