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The Valley of Humanity – Part 1

October 23, 2013

Kele climbed eagerly down to the shiny object lying in the depths of the crater. The mixture of rocks and long rusted things proved enough grip for him to make his way down the gigantic forty degree drop. The sky was grey and the clouds threatened the land with acid rain. The air was cool and dusty, Kele tried not to overly disturb the surfaces he grabbed, for fear the dirt and dust would rise and choke him. He wrapped his paw-like hands around each stone carefully, avoiding not only the dust, but dangerous looking rubbish that stuck out from the wall; sharp pieces of metal and brick were firmly lodged into the mess. He was nearly at the bottom now, where the smell was thick with rot and filth. Must be quick he thought to himself as he gently placed his foot upon the uneven ground. It was darker down in the crater, dusk taunted the rays of light with its blood red clouds; the shadows grew thicker. Kele found it difficult, but not impossible to navigate the terrain, climbing over a hundred-thousand pieces of wreckage from the old world. The object he had spotted from above could not be seen from the ground, but he could roughly determine which direction to move in. There where green pools of liquid between the mounds of rock and metal, he avoided them at all costs as he had learnt to do from a previous incident where one of his friends had slipped and fallen in, only to emerge a few moments later as a clean skeleton; the chemical had completed dissolved the flesh.

Kele knew he shouldn’t be out this far without company, but he was a curious creature. He came from a people who may have once looked human, but had de-evolved from the species. Smaller than their ancestors, the Alysmon were lightly furred beings with large eyes and small mouths. The only hair they had rested on the soft surface between their small rounded ears. Despite their appearance they were not primitive like the many other strange beings that inhabited the new world. They had developed a society with much of the same systems of the humans, who existed thousands and thousands of years ago, although the Alysmon knew very little about them. They took care of their own and were not partial to outsiders, although if someone was in need it would be bad karma to turn them away; this was a way of life.

The object he sought now came into view, it was eerily quiet all around; he approached cautiously. It was a hard leather bound thing, with a silver metallic fastener that reflected light. That’s why I saw it from above! Remembered Kele; he gingerly picked it up from the dusty earth. He didn’t know what to make of it; he rotated and flipped it, checking it from all angles. It didn’t look as old as the other millions of things that lined the bottom of the great crater. Embedded in the centre of the leather bounding was a black plastic sheet. It was smooth to the touch, Kele had never experienced anything like it in his life; it’s like the inside of a seashell, he thought to himself. He ran his fingers over the surface in fascination. A sudden flash of white light and a startling beeping noise caused Kele to jolt back in horror, drop the device and nearly trip into a small pool of the green liquid. He watched the device from afar, the light was still shining but the noise had stopped; still, he waited and observed. When nothing happened for a minute he vigilantly moved closer to take another look. There were colours on the screen now, and what looked like writing, only, all the letters were perfect. Kele was transfixed by this sudden find; it was like something out of his dreams. So enchanted with the bright thing, he didn’t sense the impending danger from the shadows around him. A pack of silent predators approached their prey…

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