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One chapter down and the colour is on

August 1, 2013

So I’m writing this blog a little earlier as I am going away this weekend to visit a friend. So I won’t be doing much work for at least four nights.

I’ll jump right into the writing first for a change, and it’s quite an exciting time for me as the first chapter of my noir story is finished! Well… at least the first draft anyway. But seeing the number of pages I have filled over the course of time really made me see what I have achieved so far. At the moment I have introduced a third character who starts the protagonist on his journey through the seedy world of the city (I haven’t got a name for it yet but was considering making up a name; maybe even ignore the outside world too, like the movie Se7en does.)  But as I write, things will develop and change, and that’s all part of the journey J

On the art front I have almost finished the flat tone colour for the comic background I have been working on (aka my first proper digital painting), and wha-da-know! It’s taking its sweet time! On the bright side it seems to be coming together quite nicely and some of the brushes and tools in Painter are very helpful. It’s an oddly therapeutic experience as I have mentioned before, and I’m enjoying colour mixing and learning how to personalize my workspace. Once the flat tone colour has been done (hopefully by next week) I can get on with the shading and figure out how to get a glow effect for a caged oil lamp. Should be fun!

Well that’s all I guess. I really want to get a short story on here soon as the other sections of my blog are looking a bit bare, I should really get a move on!

See ya next week!

Kcorym 🙂


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