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The story writes itself as the paintbrush touches down…

July 26, 2013

Good evening ladies and gents.

So a pretty productive week I think. I’ve started actually painting one of the drawings for one of my friend’s comics, getting the flat colours in before the blending and detailing part begins. I’ve never properly painted in digital before, only edited pastel drawings and ink stuff and whatnot (I think I’ve mention this before at one point). But anyway, yeah, it’s going ok; the line art took its sweet time though, holy hell! Took most of the week… The chair and desk drawers were the hardest parts to do I think, because the perspective needed some tweaking and the chair has a curvy design. But it’s finally happening! I’m enjoying the process so far, it’s oddly therapeutic and quite an interesting learning experience. Wish I started doing this sort of thing earlier in my life… though I probably would never have been able to afford a digital painting program before now. I will keep you all posted as this new hobby takes shape.

Meanwhile the writing has been picking up at lightning speed (for me anyway) and some interesting developments have started to take place. You know the phase “it writes itself”? Well that actually came into play during this week as I was writing my noir story. I have a timeline in which to guide me through what happens in the story: main plot points, character appearances and so on and so forth. I wanted to follow this to the letter in order to get what I wanted out of the story, and I am doing this… but instead of going from scene to scene, this strange subconscious flow happened and I was suddenly leading my character from his set route in the beginning of the story into the next intended scene without any cutting. I continued his scene into a point which I had not planned, and then seamlessly into the next planned plot point and it naturally worked! I was thrilled and kept writing, and introduced some new elements that were not planned. It felt great and I hope this will continue through the rest of the story, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Writings great!

Thanks for your time guys.

Kcorym 🙂


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