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Motivation, my future and a new short story

June 21, 2013

I’ll just jump right in.

So another week passes and what time I have in the evenings is spent writing or drawing or sometimes, unfortunately, sitting and staring at thin air. I think everyone has those days when you just can’t be asked to do anything, even though you had the urge to do something creative just a few hours earlier. It’s really annoying when you find yourself in whichever circle of hell houses the Sloth sinners… But anyway I have realised that if I don’t push myself to keep going, I’ll never get to where I want to go. I know what I want to do with my life now, I want to write stories and tell stories with drawings. I want to write books and maybe graphic novels. I’m currently trying to get better at landscape drawing, I mean, I understand perspective quite well but when it comes to putting in the details I really struggle. So I have taken it upon myself to go out, at least once a week, and draw a building or a wooded area from life, getting as much detail down as possible. This should help me get better at drawing in general, though to be honest, I should have been drawing a lot more since uni but alas full time work steamrolled my creativity with ease. But I think if I want to get anywhere with my creative career, I need to pull my finger out.

Anyway, on to the writing side of things where I have started a new short story, I won’t go into detail about it but I will say that it’s another story told from first person. I have been inspired by films like American Psycho and Silence of the Lambs (the latter of which I have read the book). I wanted to do something a little more dark and daring so I figured on something involving serial killing but from a linier perspective. I’ll see how it goes and hopefully it’ll be ready to post in a few weeks. I’m hoping that writing lots of short and plot condensed stories will help with my motivation and maybe with my writing quality as well. It’s quite nice because there isn’t really a strict line I have to follow in these stories; anything can happen. I’m sure that’s true of most stories (unless it’s based on a true story), but in shorts I’ve have read that success and failure are all part of the learning curve; and you only lose a small portion of your life if it’s a failure. Well anyway, I shall give it a go.

Well that’s this week all wrapped up, I hoped you enjoyed reading and I hope things are going well in your own projects!

Bye again 🙂


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