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Living through writing & Sam Spade

June 16, 2013

Not a bad week this one, although not much to report on the creativity front.

First off however, I apologise for not posting on Friday night. I was continuing my slow journey through the land of film noir by watching The Maltese Falcon. It was a good film and it surprised me that the main character was a bit of an over confident git, but I liked it because he knew how to handle himself. Plus it had some nice shots that definitely had influenced Blade Runner later on. There was also a nice use of cameras during a discussion between the lead character, Sam Spade, and the head crook; the camera being almost on the floor looking up at the crook and virtually level when pointed at Spade. It’s an old trick but watching it being used on an old film kinda excuses the overuse in later movies. Old films were the pioneer pieces for techniques like that. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). What’s great about the style and setting of these kinds of movies is that they help me visualize the world I’m trying to create with my own noir story, and how the characters behave in it. I think I will also try some old school detective novels such as The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, seeing how my story is supposed to be a book (or a collection of small books depending on how things go). I also want to read it before I watch the film interpretation just because I know both versions are famous and classics; and of course for “art’s sake”.

So on to my own story, I have been feeling down and isolated recently, despite having friends who I do see from time to time. One of my friends recommended that I get more involved with my noir world, and try to immerse myself in creativity to fill the voids in my life. I kind of agree but I’m nowhere near as good a story teller as she is, so this makes things difficult. If anyone has any advice on how to do this please let me know, I’m always open to writing tips. I will try to write a lot more though and try to get into my main character’s head a lot more often. I have also been thinking about some other stories, both long and short, which I have had in my head for a while now; maybe I should get those out…

Anyway I best be off, getting very late.

Thanks for reading!

Kcorym 🙂


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